Cobot Tooling Kit

Securely Grip, Hold, and Freely Move

Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, the Cobot Tooling Kit from Bilsing Automation provides everything needed to assemble effective end-effector solutions. The kit includes vacuum generating venturis, gripping clamps, magnetic grippers, sensors, vacuum cups, and the structural components to quickly assemble your end-effector. An adapter flange plate is also included to allow the tooling mount plate to securely attach your end-effector to your cobot.

Everything You Need to Get Started

With our cobot tooling kit, you and your team are ready to take full advantage of your cobot.

What's Included?

Everything you need to quickly build application-specific tooling.

Learn More About Your Cobot Kit

Visit our Bilsing Academy page to learn more about how to best use your kit.